We assist you in the purchase of a Corporate Jet and all financial aspects of it. We take care for your Flight Operations (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance). We organize Business and Corporate Travel Arrangements. We offer Risk Evaluation for Flights worldwide.


Why choose us?

Our team is solely made of experts in the field of aviation with plenty of experience in all aspects of flying. For all other areas such as finance, security and maintenance, we work with experts in their fields.

We build personalized strategies for your traveling needs and we will accompany you from creating a travel plan to your final destination.

We guarantee confidentiality. We treat your information according to the standards of banking secrecy.

Buying Process

Provide our expert advice and assistance in the purchase of a corporate jet.

Operation Finance

Assist you in the Financial Aspect of Operations of a Business Jet

Flight Operations Management

Handle flight operations (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance)

Travel Arrangements

Business and Corporate Travel Arrangements

Finance of Aircrafts and Helicopters

Assist in the financial aspect of business jets and helicopters.

Risk Analysis for Business Travel

Offer Risk Evaluation for flights worldwide.

Our focus

on security

Safety is a top priority at Bondo Aviation (Bondos LTD). We Focus in the Following

  • - Flight Safety

  • - HealthySafety (Clean Cabin, not use of Chemical Disinfection)

  • - Financial Safety

Maintenance work is carried out exclusively by Pilatus-approved specialist workshops. Experienced aircraft engineers control the quality.

The smartest solution for flying right now.

We recommend  buying brand new planes. This ensures that you always receive the latest generation of jets. We work together with the common Corporate Jet Factories like; Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, Gulfstream Aircrafts, Cessna Citation Business Jets, Embraer Business Jet,  Bombardier Business Aircraft.

How to stay safe from COVID-19 on business trips.

As a long-time pilot and experienced operations manager, I am well aware of how easy virus can spread in aviation. That is why, it is important to take all necessary measures to make air travel virus free in these times. Safety during flights is possible, however the risks in a regular passenger’s flight are high. Reducing your flying to a minimum or stop flying all together seems to be the best option right now. But what if you really need to travel? This is the best time to consider acquiring an aircraft for business trips.

How we work